Fondation Pour La Nature

Nathalie Cadot is a manager at MAVA in Switzerland. Created in 1994 to support the conservation…

Day 7 Daily Highlight

There’s a duiker on the operating table at Peace Parks today and in Simalaha treadle pumps bring joy to farmers…

Day 6 Daily Highlight

Locust infestation! Also today, Peace Parks maps out new campsite and scouts pass out in Simalaha.

Day 5 Daily Highlight

Meet the family raising a son in Peace Parks. Also, rangers get muddy and a surprise roadside safari.

A life lived in the bush

Like many of those involved in conservation, Sean Van Niekerk has a long-held passion for wildlife.

Working up a sweat!

Being a ranger is a tough job. Out in the field they deal with wildlife criminals and dangerous situations.