It’s a tricky business

Moving elephant over long distances – also called translocation – takes a lot of planning and preparation.

Day 29 Daily Highlight

Preparations underway for elephant translocation. Stunning aerial shots of Mozambique parks, and…

Awesome views

You can clearly see the sharp blue of Lake Malawi and the distant mountains of Tanzania…

Catching some down time

Rangers spend long, hard hours on patrol or in pursuit of those who prey on precious and vulnerable wildlife.

Tense moment for prey

This is an unusual sight as it is more often the lionesses, rather than the lions, who do the hunting for the pride.

Day 28 Daily Highlight

Lion hunts warthog family. Stunning views of Lake Malawi from Nyika National Park, and…

Home at Last

After a week on the road, Colin is finally home. His dog Toto does the best welcome back!