On the trail of new arrivals

To confirm translocated animals are healthy, the team needs to get on the ground and track on foot.

It’s not all plain sailing, or driving!

It’s not all plain sailing, or driving when going behind the scenes of a PEACE experience!

Walking bush and beach

There is no better way to experience Africa’s wilderness areas than by being on foot.

A Maputo National Park adventure

Peace Parks Exclusive African Conservation Experiences allows insights into conserving landscapes

Mission to Maputo National Park

Peace Parks is proud to launch PEACE – Peace Parks Exclusive African Conservation Experiences.

Predator population grows in the park

All in all, it took over six weeks to locate, capture and translocate the two leopards from Karingani…

A patient game brings the leopard in

The team jumps into a helicopter equipped with a VHF tracking device that is able to pick up signals…

Just when it was all going so well

Temporary holding bomas in Karingani, Mozambique, have been specially constructed to keep two…

Days and nights of tracking pay off

Over many days, by using baiting, ancient tracking techniques and modern technology…