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Zambia’s Western Province Tourism, Trade and Investment Expo

The Simalaha team is given the opportunity to represent their district at the Western Province Expo.

Living On The Zambezi

Meet some of the local traders to find out more about their journey selling canoes on the Zambezi.

A Bountiful Harvest

Paving the way forward for farming in Simalaha through conservation agriculture.

What Is REDD+?

Following global concern for deforestation, REDD+ was designed to help reduce carbon emissions.

Tackling Tasks In Banhine

Hannes and Antony fly to Banhine National Park where they tackle a list of important tasks.

The Importance of Community-Led Conservation

Village representatives in Simalaha have come together to share ideas, concerns and questions.

Where Man and Nature Thrive

Farmers have gone from surviving to thriving using conservation agriculture techniques.

Showcasing Simalaha’s Community Development Projects

The Simalaha team is awarded 1st Prize at Western Province Agriculture and Commercial Show.

A Beacon Of Hope In Zambia

How Simalaha is paving the way for future community-led conservation projects across southern Africa.