While taking a walk along a dry section of the Shingwedzi River in Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park, Peace Parks Foundation’s Aviation Manager and Chief Pilot, Hannes van Wyk, finds a couple of unique rocks with some peculiar-looking shapes engrained in them.

Thankfully we aren’t kept guessing as to what might have caused these for too long, as Hannes soon explains the reason behind these circular patterns.

A Grain Of Sand

These circular markings are, in fact, a testament to nature’s endurance. As Hannes explains in the video above, they have been formed as a result of small grains of sand getting lodged in any exposed grooves and uneven surfaces in the rock. These then get swirled around in a circular motion as water from the river passes over, and slowly, piece by piece, the rock erodes. This eventually causes larger concave circles to develop that continue to get bigger with time as bigger stones get lodged in the holes.

Finding fascinating natural objects such as these rocks reminds us of how powerful nature is. Even after hundreds of years of nature doing its thing, its beauty continues to amaze.

Life’s Greatest Teacher

Nature is the best teacher when it comes to learning life lessons, especially about endurance and resilience. Time and time again, no matter how great the obstacle, nature continues to adapt and persist to the challenges thrown its way…which, in this day and age, are many.

We can learn a great deal from this quality of endurance, and by looking at nature, we can further understand how important a quality it is in our own lives. From animals that walk thousands of miles to reach fresh sources of food and water to adapting to harsh and changing climatic conditions, nature constantly inspires us to look for creative solutions to problems. It helps us grow a more profound capacity for resilience.