Rhino guardian

Meet The Rhino Guardian

Meet the wildlife guardian dedicating every waking minute to oversee these 7 animals’ wellbeing.

Wildlife vets

Capturing Black Rhino

All hands on deck as a team of wildlife vets prepare for an important and tough day ahead.

Black rhino

A Black Rhino Vanishing Act

Dealing with challenges is the name of the game as the team prepares to translocate 7 black rhinos.

Happy World Rhino Day!

A global celebration to create awareness about the different species and the dangers that they face.

A Journey Of Giraffe

On a chilly morning, Maputo National Park rangers get treated to a sighting of giraffe in the mist.

Keeping Fit In Nyika

In Nyika National Park, rangers and dogs take one another for an early morning training run.

Two Nyala Bulls Fight!

Peace Parks TV’s infamous duo get more than they had bargained for when filming a herd of nyala.