A Shark Babyshower in Maputo National Park

Fifteen gestating Spotted Ragged-tooth Sharks spotted at Santa Maria, Maputo National Park.

Tracker Academy students encounter a herd of elephants

A trail of footsteps leads students to a breathtaking encounter.

Why is this Rock Monitor lizard behaving this way?

Tracker Academy students encounter an agitated Rock Monitor during field observation.

Sea Turtle hatchlings take their first swim

Laika and Nico help turtle monitoring teams release new hatchlings safely into the Indian Ocean

A Tiny Print

Peace Parks’ Aviation Manager, Hannes van Wyk identifies animal tracks the size of a fingernail.

There’s a snake under my tent!

Encountering snakes while living in the bush is a way of life for Peace Parks teams.

Understanding ancient elephant migration routes

Kabika comes across a magnificent sighting: a herd of elephants crossing the road in Zambia.

A Day Off From Work

On their day off, Hannes and Lourens head out searching for a herd of elephants in Limpopo National Park.

Sights From An Elephant Collaring Operation

Peace Parks’ Hannes takes to the skies on what promises to be a flight to remember over Banhine National Park.