Honey, Bees and Baobab Trees

Dip into the world of honey-harvesting, past and present, and explore how nature-friendly beekeeping is just one of the conservation agriculture initiatives being implemented by Peace Parks and partners.

Flying for Forests and Wildlife

Malawi’s Nyika National Park is testing the effectiveness of a helicopter for counter-poaching operations, to establish whether it can enhance the protection of Nyika’s rich, dense forests and the prevention of illegal logging.

Community Rangers help ensure peaceful coexistence between wildlife and people

Community members around Maputo National Park are being empowered to protect their property from wandering elephants.

Installing borehole pumps at Zinave National Park

Zinave National Park’s warden showcases new borehole pumps that are helping to sustain water supply for wildlife.

Blue Action Fund gives conservation agriculture a boost in Mozambique

Women from communities around Maputo National Park showcase their growing conservation agriculture expertise

Herding for Health brings great change for communities, cattle and conservation in Banhine National Park

We reflect on the impact of Herding for Health in Banhine National Park

Technical support for the conservation front lines

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Banhine National Park’s technological hub.

Empowering KAZA Rangers for Wildlife Protection

Field Rangers in Namibia receive their honours after completing a rigorous course that equips them to protect wildlife in the Kavango-Zambezi TFCA.

How female farmers are providing for their families through conservation agriculture

Women are leading the way through conservation agriculture in Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa!