Rhino guardian

Meet The Rhino Guardian

Meet the wildlife guardian dedicating every waking minute to oversee these 7 animals’ wellbeing.

Wildlife vets

Capturing Black Rhino

All hands on deck as a team of wildlife vets prepare for an important and tough day ahead.

Black rhino

A Black Rhino Vanishing Act

Dealing with challenges is the name of the game as the team prepares to translocate 7 black rhinos.

The Dawn Of A New Era

History has again been made in Mozambique as a baby rhino is born – the first time in 40 years!

Capturing 19 White Rhino

Join us as we take you on one of the most ambitious translocation projects ever attempted.

A Keystone Species

After a long and arduous journey, 23 elephants are successfully released into Zinave National Park.