A Vital Feasibility Study

Learn about the complexities of fence-dropping to create vast transboundary landscapes with free-flowing wildlife, and the challenges and benefits it brings to communities.

The Inspirational Art of Tourism!

We’re welcomed into an inspirational art gallery: the new murals of the SA College for Tourism paint a picture of passionate learning, uniting college students of tourism and the Tracker Academy.

Counting from the skies

In October 2023, an aerial census was conducted by the Maputo, Zinave, Banhine and Limpopo national parks to determine their wildlife populations, with support from Peace Parks Foundation and Mozambique’s National Administration for Conservation Areas (ANAC). Early estimates indicate a substantial growth of in wildlife species across the participating parks, all attributed to successful conservation efforts.

Closing in on Wildlife Crime

We gain vital insight into a new training revolution in combating wildlife crime across borders, as rangers emerge from a groundbreaking course with advanced technical and analytical skills to create great impact in the field.

Herding For Health: Fuelling Partnerships for Food Security

In celebration of World Food Day, learn about the power of partnerships and communities driving Herding For Health. This impactful programme is restoring Africa’s rangelands thanks to landscape-friendly livestock grazing, and boosting the health of people and livelihoods whilst protecting wildlife.

The new accommodation jewel in Maputo National Park’s crown is officially handed over

The affordable 72-bed Membene camp is officially handed over to Maputo National Park and is open to guests.

Working together to restore and revive critical carbon sink mangrove forests in Maputo National Park

Local coastal communities are at the forefront of reforesting mangroves after being hit by a devastating storm.

“Going far together” for conservation in Malawi

A 20-year co-management agreement between Peace Parks Foundation and the Government of Malawi is signed for Nyika-Vwaza.

One Limpopo One Health: A programme unlocking sustainable and climate change-resilient development

One Limpopo One Health is weaving together conservation, community development, and climate resilience to ensure people and wildlife thrive in harmony.