Zambia’s horse-shoe shaped Ngonye Falls is enough to make any nature-lover’s jaw drop, especially after the rainy season when an unimaginable volume of water from the Zambezi River cascades over its rocks. Luckily for Peace Parks Foundation’s Chief Development Officer, Lilian Spijkerman, she gets to see the falls in flow and hear all about the exciting new tourism development plans in the pipeline.

The Ngonye Falls Community Partnership Park recognises the immense eco-tourism potential that will benefit not only the local Simumbi and the Linganga communities on whose land the falls are situated but Zambia at large. Peace Parks Foundation and partners have already been busy with the new Ngonye Falls visitors centre and six new campsites, which were built by a local brick-maker and his team from the nearby Sioma Village.

Peace Parks’ Regional Manager, Professor Andrew Nambota, shows Lilian and a team from DOB Ecology what the next phase of tourism development in the area will look like. He points out the location of the new proposed lodge that will overlook the falls and the mighty Zambezi River below. This will truly offer guests an adventure of a lifetime.

If it’s not having breakfast or lunch on the squeaking white sandy beaches of Ngonye Falls, visitors will be able to partake in one of many water-based activities which will have any adrenaline junkie packing their bags. These include fishing, kayaking, swimming and even diving, as it is a known fact that crocodiles do not venture anywhere near strong currents or rapids. With that being said, these activities will have to be done at the visitor’s own risk!

Peace Parks Foundation is excited to see the full potential of Ngonye Falls Community Partnership Park be unlocked and encourages any nature-lover to spend some time exploring this beautiful part of the country – you won’t be left disappointed!