On a recent visit to meet some of Peace Parks Foundation’s partners, members of the Postcode Lottery Group, who are long-time supporters of Peace Parks’, are taken by Peace Parks’ CEO, Werner Myburgh, and Chief Development Officer, Lilian Spijkerman, to visit the Kruger National Park’s counter-poaching unit and the Southern African Wildlife College.

The Postcode Lottery Group has been a generous supporter of the work that Peace Parks and its partners do. They have significantly contributed to multiple rewilding, community development, wildlife protection, and conservation projects over the years, which have directly impacted the health of ecosystems in southern Africa. As a non-profit organisation, donor funding enables Peace Parks and partners to continue protecting Africa’s wild spaces. By showing donors first-hand how their funding has been used, helps them establish a deeper connection between what is, essentially, two very different worlds.

CEO of the Postcode Lottery Group, Sigrid van Aken, talks to this point and highlights that seeing places such as the Kruger National Park with her own eyes and being able to meet the people whom she so often reads about in documentation or online make all the difference in helping to put things in perspective.

Not only have they contributed towards developing ground-breaking technologies such as the Postcode Meerkat used for counter-poaching in Kruger National Park, but their funding has helped improve livelihoods in areas such as the Simahala Community Conservancy in Zambia. Peace Parks Foundation would like to express its utmost gratitude to the Postcode Lottery Group and their ticket buyers for their continued support in helping to protect and conserve southern Africa’s wild spaces.