Careen Nyambe is one of the many familiar and friendly faces on Peace Parks TV, and having been the star of many of our videos, Careen never fails to leave us inspired with her passion and knowledge for the environment that she works in. She started working as a part of a team responsible for maintaining fences within Zambia’s Simalaha Community Conservancy, but Careen’s enthusiasm for the outdoors soon saw her complete her wildlife training at the Chunga Wildlife College.

It was onwards and upwards for Careen as she became one of the few female wildlife scouts working within these 180 000 hectares of protected communal land. Her primary role is to look after the wildlife living inside the sanctuary. This is a very important job considering that Simalaha is situated within one of six key wildlife dispersal areas that form a part of the Kavango Zambezi (KAZA) Transfrontier Conservation Area – the largest terrestrial transboundary protected area in the world.

Since the establishment of Simalaha in 2012, Peace Parks Foundation and partners have put significant effort into the rewilding of the conservancy, which has now seen over 1700 animals being reintroduced, including giraffe, lechwe, puku, wildebeest and zebra. Training community members such as Careen has been instrumental in the protection and growth of the wildlife numbers, which helps to create a thriving wildlife economy. This will benefit the local people as well as aid transfrontier conservation at large which will secure large functioning ecosystems that our planet relies on for survival.

Community members turned wildlife scouts have taken ownership of conservation efforts in Simalaha, dedicating themselves to protecting wildlife within their conservancy.

Stay tuned to Peace Parks TV this week as we continue to proudly pay tribute to rangers working on the frontlines of some of southern Africa’s most remarkable wilderness areas.