It’s a chilly spring evening in South Africa. Still, despite the cold weather, the spirits of Peace Parks Foundation’s senior management team cannot be dampened after their productive and positive strategic review workshop.

Having a clear-cut and focused strategy in place is important, as it guides an organisation on how to meet its goals and objectives in order to achieve its vision. It also provides an operational framework that all day-to-day operations follow to keep things on track.

The ‘Why’ and the ‘How’

Since the company’s inception on 1 February 1997 to facilitate the establishment of peace parks, or transfrontier conservation areas, in southern Africa, the organisation has grown significantly. With more projects being undertaken, partners collaborating, and employees joining, it is important for senior management to take a step back and touch base with the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ that guides Peace Parks Foundation.

Peace Parks Chief Development Officer, Lilian Spijkerman, gives Peace Parks TV a glimpse of what has been going on behind the scenes. She notes that the team feels energised and inspired after realigning the company’s goals for the next 20 to 30 years.

What Does A Strategic Review Involve?

So, now you might be wondering, ‘what is a strategic review, and why is it important?’

A strategic review is a regularly scheduled activity, usually on an annual basis, that involves senior management. Here, they come together to discuss and review what has been working, the challenges faced and how they want to move forward to achieve the set-out objectives.

Conducting strategic reviews is an excellent opportunity to help reset the pace and ensure that all future decisions that are made align with the organisation’s direction that is heading in.

Make sure to keep following Peace Parks Foundation to see what the next few years and decades hold. We can promise you that it is nothing short of inspiring!