Nestled amongst rolling green hills and lush green forests, Malawi’s oldest and largest national park, Nyika, is a paradise for any nature-lover. While on a recent trip to Malawi, Peace Parks Foundation’s Lilian Spijkerman, Ghislain Rieb and Nils Meyer from Kfw Development Bank decided to get an early start to their day and set out on an exciting walk to explore their surroundings.

Little did they know that their walk would reveal the abundance of Nyika’s wildlife!

A Walk Of Wonder

Their walk takes them through the dense forested vegetation surrounding Chelinda Camp, where they are lucky to spot a pair of shy bushbuck grazing. After spending some time observing these antelope, they continue their exploration along a winding path that eventually leads them to a vantage point overlooking the vast, open plains below.  

As they scan their surroundings, they soon notice that the landscape is dotted with wildlife, and it becomes apparent just how much important life this park sustains. From a herd of wildebeest to a dazzle of zebra – the sights were breathtaking!

Curious to see more of their surroundings, the trio ventured further up onto a rocky outcrop which provided some excellent photographic opportunities. They stayed for a while, taking in the magic of Nyika, before making their way back to camp, where a busy day was due to begin.

Exciting New Plans Ahead

2023 is an exciting year for Malawi’s Nyika National Park and Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve. Peace Parks Foundation has been looking forward to signing an innovative co-management agreement which will enable the establishment of a three-way partnership between Peace Parks, the Government of Malawi, and the local communities here.

This is paving the way for a new future in the conservation landscape where all three parties are equally involved in decisions made.

Further to this, with generous funding from the German Government, through KfW Development Bank, Peace Parks Foundation has been able to implement several community projects in and around Nyika and Vwaza Marsh.

This includes a water security programme and the establishment of an 80-kilometre electrified fence to help mitigate human-wildlife conflict, allowing for communities and wildlife to live in harmony with each other.

Africa’s Hidden Gem

Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to enjoy some beautiful scenery, Nyika National Park is the ideal destination. This unique protected area in northern Malawi will surely surprise you as you uncover one of the continent’s most beautiful national parks!