On a recent fact-finding mission to Limpopo National Park, Peace Parks Foundation’s Senior Project Manager in Mozambique, Antony Alexander, met up with Dr Bradley Schroder, the park’s Senior Project Manager and Nicola. They are showing Antony possible road and tourism development sites. Luckily it’s not all work and no play, as Antony gets treated to a night of wild camping along the banks of the Shingwedzi River, an experience that would make any nature-lover green with envy.

Although it’s been five years since Antony has travelled extensively through the park, Bradley and Nicola know the park like the back of their hands and show Antony the various locations of all the tourism and ranger sites that are already in development as well as possible locations for future development. Despite Antony having been involved in the planning and implementing of many of these plans, he must see them in person to gain a deeper understanding of what future tourists might experience when staying in the park.

One of Peace Parks Foundation’s core focuses within Limpopo National Park over the last couple of years has been the continual improvement of infrastructure for both rangers and tourists. This includes upgrading and extending the road network, construction of staff housing, park headquarters, entrance gates, arrival and information centres, accommodation facilities, workshops, and field ranger bases at Mapai and Massingir. Now, the Government of Mozambique, supported by Peace Parks, is looking to extend the road network further and open up new areas of the park.

After a long and busy day, the trio make their way to their campsite for the night and enjoy the spectacular sunset views over the Shingwedzi River. As they keep a watchful eye over the cracking fire, the symphony of Limpopo National Park’s nocturnal creatures and critters come to life, a promising sign of a healthy and thriving ecosystem.

Stay tuned to Peace Parks TV for tomorrow’s video to see what the trio uncovers on their early morning bush walk.