Today celebrates 200 days of Peace Parks TV. The unique channel that shows a side of conservation in southern Africa never seen before. By taking their smart phones out into the field the Peace Parks team records their everyday working lives. It is a fascinating insight into just what it takes to achieve the Peace Parks dream: to rewild, restore and rejuvenate huge swathes of southern Africa so that humankind and wildlife can live alongside in harmony, in a way that affords a sustainable life for all.

In just 200 days you have met the rangers who spend long hours in the field engaged in anti-poaching operations and helping out with a wide variety of tasks needed in managing the parks and reserves. You have had a close-up view of the incredible plant doctors that hold clinics to help farmers identify problem pests and diseases, and then find ecologically-sound ways to treat them. You have met Werner Myburgh, Peace Parks Foundation’s CEO as he has travelled far and wide across the Peace Parks territory engaged in talks with local chiefs and government officials as well as field rangers and school children. You have been into some wonderful primary schools in Simalaha seeing how teachers tackle reforestation and re-education so that the childrens’ futures are greener and full of opportunities for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. You have been alongside the unfolding drama of translocations through the eyes of the vets, pilots, park managers and a vast array of others all involved in moving animals across Africa. You have been taken behind the scenes of the planners and the financial people who scope out territory that will bring rewards to the local community as well as the country as a whole. You have met the incredible technical team that is helping to make Peace Parks SMART and tech-savvy with enormous benefits for conservation.

Everyone from farmers to fishers, pilots to planners, chiefs to children, have taken you inside their world to show you the incredible story of restoring and rewilding southern Africa.

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