A large part of Peace Parks Foundation’s work is to rewild natural spaces to bolster biodiversity, which contributes to healthier ecosystems. A healthy ecosystem should consist of both plants and animals that are native to the area, and in a place like Zinave, this includes large mammals such as giraffe and zebra.

This is why in July 2019, Peace Parks Foundation undertook the momentous and challenging task of translocating an additional 11 giraffe and 75 zebra across borders from Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa to Zinave National Park in Mozambique. The translocation was done to restore balance to the ecosystem which had had been negatively affected by an extended period of drought and the resulting unsustainable use of natural resources.

The operation, which you can read more about here, consisted of many moving parts and immeasurable help from various parties. It has now been two and a half years since these long-necked giants and their monochromatic friends have made Zinave their home, and boy oh boy, have they settled in well!

Zinave is situated in the Inhambane Province of Mozambique and consists of over 408 000 ha of wilderness. Within this massive area, there is a myriad of diverse landscapes and habitats ranging from the riverine vegetation alongside the Save River, to Acacia woodlands which remain a giraffe’s firm favourite food, Mopane and Miombo forests and the drier Sandveld. With this wide range in habitat, the park supports over 200 tree and 40 grass species, making Zinave incredibly well-suited to the reintroduction of wildlife and its ability to sustain large mammals such as zebra and giraffe.

It is now with great pleasure that the team working on the ground in Zinave report back on regular sightings of both mammals, amongst many others, whilst on their daily commutes within the park. This is a sight which would have been hard to believe only a few years ago. It is all with thanks to the team and individuals who made the translocation of these species possible, as well as the dedicated efforts from the well-trained rangers in Zinave who have been instrumental in protecting these species and ensuring their safety for generations to come.

Keep your eyes posted on Peace Parks TV as more giraffe are due to be reintroduced into Zinave National Park within the coming year.