If you have been following Peace Parks TV this week, you will know that it has been not only one of excitement but has made history too. After months of planning, preparation and collaboration, 19 white rhinos were successfully translocated from South Africa to Zinave National Park in Mozambique, returning this keystone species to the park for the first time in 40 years. They have since been thriving in their new home and adapted to life in Zinave incredibly well…so well, in fact, that we are pleased to share that one of the cows recently gave birth to a little baby rhino girl. This is the first time that a rhino has been born in a Mozambique national park in over four decades!

Due to the relentless persecution of these animals throughout Africa, both the black and white rhino populations are in dramatic decline, dangerously close to extinction in fact. Rhino horns have predominantly been used throughout Southeast Asia in traditional medicine, jewellery or as a status symbol to show wealth and success.

To counter this and help boost their numbers in southern Africa, Exxaro Resources, Mozambique’s National Administration for Conservation Areas (ANAC) and Peace Parks have been working on an extensive campaign to increase protection and demand reduction efforts, which will see the relocation of this herd of rhinos from a high-risk area to a safe haven where they can thrive.

Through a long-term co-management agreement between Mozambique’s National Administration for Conservation Areas (ANAC) and Peace Parks, Zinave has seen an increase in infrastructure and tourism development, effective park management and intensive counter-poaching initiatives to help keep wildlife safe.

You can find out more about Zinave’s wildlife guardians here.

It’s all (double) rainbows and smiles as we welcome this baby rhino into the world, one that will provide a safe refuge for her. As she continues to settle and grow, all partners involved in this are doubly inspired to continue to do all that is necessary to ensure a bright future lies ahead for the survival of her species!