Offices around southern Africa and those in the national parks and reserves are a little different from many other offices. For a start, there are animals everywhere! Pictures and posters of animals are a likely encounter in offices situated in urban areas, whereas actual elephant, buffalo, impala giraffe and so on grace the entrance to Maputo Special Reserve, for example.

In Maputo city, the Peace Parks’ Head Office is an easy 10-minute drive from the city centre along the coast road, giving quick access for visiting dignitaries and the many partners that continuously collaborate with Peace Parks. As well as the usual boardrooms and meeting rooms found in most offices, there are also several bedrooms. This reflects the fact that conservation in southern Africa goes hand in hand with inevitable travel. The so-called Maputo House often serves as a base from where the team travels onwards towards the more remote parks and reserves in Mozambique.

The Peace Parks team strives to regularly spend time out in the field to ensure that what is planned in the offices really does work in the bush.

The landscape too is brought into the grounds where possible. On a recent trip to Mozambique, CEO Werner Myburgh is very impressed with the revamp the Maputo Special Reserve office is getting. A great benefit of being situated in wilderness areas, is that wildlife is a common occurence. In Limpopo National Park, for example, elephants have been regular visitors since the park’s protection efforts have provided them with a sense of safety. It is not so strange for the team to spot an elephant outside an office window that has come up close for a look! This is all part and parcel of a day in the life of Peace Parks Foundation.