Seeing Africa on horseback offers a unique perspective on the landscape and wildlife here in the Simalaha Community Conservancy. As the first and only tour operator in the area, Simalaha Horse Safaris offers riders access to terrain across the whole conservancy, from the vast open plains to mopane and acacia woodlands. On the plains, one might ride among wildebeest, zebra and many other wild animals. In the bushveld, riders can get close to giraffe, sable and eland. Meanwhile, along the Zambezi River, one may encounter hippo and a large variety of birdlife. 

Wild animals view a human on a horse very differently from a person in a safari vehicle. They almost see it as one animal, which means more up close and personal wildlife viewings.

The reason Peace Parks is experiencing this timeless place on horseback is to keep abreast of the tourism developments in the area. It is this type of tourism offering that most aligns with a sustainable future for the region. Guests stay in en-suite tented accommodation with stunning views over the Simalaha floodplain. This, along with well-kept horses, knowledgeable guides and staff and an incredible wilderness setting makes for an amazing adventure for tourists.