‘How do you invest in our planet?’ This was a question posed to the Peace Parks Foundation team during a recent staff function. Working day in and day out on nature conservation projects is what we do in any case, but even for us, taking a moment to really reflect on the individual roles we play in protecting our planet is incredibly valuable.

The ethos of Peace Parks Foundation for investing in and protecting our planet centres on embracing both nature and people at scale, through partnerships, and with a truly innovative approach to how we fund conservation now and in the future. From resource developers, conservationists, and housekeepers to pilots and film crews – and everyone in between – taking this on requires dedicated people who embody this ethos in the work they do.

Our team is dedicated to investing both professionally and personally in protecting our planet and its precious resources. We could not, however, do this without the support of our partners and donors, and of course, you, our beloved PeaceParks.TV fans. You too can go the extra mile towards protecting our planet together with us — share your favourite PeaceParks.TV video, subscribe to our newsletter, or even follow us on TikTok!