Limpopo National Park is a vast territory, covering 1 million hectares, or an area around half the size of Israel. With the mighty Shingwedzi flowing through its heart, Limpopo National Park is populated with a wide range of wildlife, boasts breathtaking scenery and offers a range of exciting wilderness experiences. However, its sheer size makes it an enormous challenge from a conservation point of view. Implementing effective anti-poaching strategies and leveraging limited resources for sustainable development throughout the expanse of the park is no small task.

The focus over the coming year is on the continual improvement of infrastructure, increasing the numbers and range of wildlife and building on the community development programme.

Communities in and around Limpopo National Park continue to be vulnerable with limited access to opportunities, resources and livelihoods. Peace Parks Foundation will continue to build on support already in place for programmes such as Herding for Health, conservation agriculture and food security.
Irrigation schemes provide food security and alternative livelihood opportunities for communities living adjacent to the park in an area that is drought-prone and isolated.
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