Peace Parks Foundation is incredibly excited to welcome its first, brand-new helicopter to what will hopefully be a growing fleet of aircraft- The helicopter has now been deployed to Limpopo National Park in Mozambique, where Chief Pilot and Aviation Manager Hannes van Wyk and Peace Parks’ newest pilot, Stephano Roodt, eagerly head out together to take it for its maiden flight. 

The Role Of Helicopters In Conservation

Helicopters play a critically important role in conservation management and counter-poaching, especially in vast and remote wilderness areas like Limpopo National Park. A helicopter’s speed, versatility and agility have made it a necessary asset to effectively operate in large conservation areas.

Accessing remote areas where fixed-wing aircraft cannot land and that are unreachable by vehicles is one of the many pros that can be added to the list. Its ability to hover and engage in low-level flying also helps conservation teams with wildlife census, darting operations and wildlife translocations. Further to this, it allows for counter-poaching teams to easily spot illegal activity such as charcoaling and track unwelcome intruders from the skies above.

The Envy Of Many

Pilots are the envy of many as they get to soar high above these magnificent landscapes, often spotting some incredible wildlife from the air. Make sure to watch this video, where Hannes takes us through one of his favourite sightings, as seen from above.

We would like to wish these pilots many safe and successful flying hours as they continue their work in helping to protect Mozambique’s most important national parks.