The first critical step for such an operation is to get agreements from various authorities for both the removal of the elephants and the reintroduction of the elephants. Then GPS satellite collars are placed on the target animals. Next comes the important step of finding the money, which is a massive component. Luckily, there were different donors for these operations. The first donor was the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance, and the second, the Aspinall Foundation. From there on it is a lot of logistics. Peace Parks and partners work closely with the operators to sort out cross-border permits for the trucks, making sure that the roads are all right for the trucks to negotiate both in the capture and in the capture site. There is the also the detail of organising a field visit, determining when the capture will go ahead, finding a campsite, checking the trees, making a road, locating a tractor to pull the truck out if it gets stuck. So, by the time the big day comes, everyone is prepared for anything. Well, almost anything. There is always a chance something unforeseen can happen as, at the end of the day, it is nature and wild animals that are being moved.