Peace Parks Foundation’s Stefan van Zyl and Kelly Human are on a week-long trip in the Malawi-Zambia Transfrontier Conservation Area as part of a law enforcement assessment. The assessment involves attending various training sessions that inform the rangers about important topics such as human rights, standard operating procedures and codes of conduct when performing their duties.

Results Of The Law Enforcement Risk Assessment

Stefan explains that the need for law enforcement training and assessment came about after a law enforcement risk assessment was completed for both Malawi and Zambia, which helped Peace Parks Foundation to identify the shortcoming and challenges that rangers were experiencing when out in the field.

Some of these included ranger training, specifically around the ever-prevalent issue of human-wildlife conflict, the appropriate use of force, human rights, the maintenance and use of firearms, as well as the overall code of conduct that needs to always be adhered to in the workplace.

The Importance Of Rangers

Trained field rangers are one of the most valuable resources in conservation areas as they help to scour the fence lines and bush for any signs of illegal activity, help protect the wildlife, assist communities with human-wildlife conflict and respond to the growing challenges of organised crime and wildlife trafficking.

By protecting Africa’s natural heritage, rural development and community upliftment are driven forward through increased interest in tourism, leading to employment and livelihood opportunities. 

Laughter While Learning

Although the topics being discussed are critically important in keeping both humans and wildlife safe, the team love what they do, so there is always time for some light-hearted fun during the sessions.

At the end of the week, rangers received certificates of completion and recognition for a job well done. In keeping with the positive spirit of the event, a ‘Funniest Ranger’ certificate was given, and there was only one possible candidate who would receive it!

We Thank You

Peace Parks Foundation is incredibly proud of these men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting and restoring Malawi and Zambia’s wild spaces, as well as the communities who depend on them.

We salute you and thank you for all that you do!