A few months ago, the Simalaha Team were awarded first place at the Western Province Agriculture and Commercial Show in Zambia. With the theme being ‘Innovation Through Technology’, they wowed the judges by putting on a display showcasing all the magnificent ongoing projects within the Simalaha Community Conservancy. They have now been given the fantastic opportunity to represent their district at the Western Province Tourism, Trade and Investment Expo in Mongu, Zambia.

Peace Parks Foundation’s Simalaha Community Development Manager, Kabika Kumoyo, walks us through the expo and the Simalaha stand, which showcases the large variety of innovative community development projects and tourism opportunities that the area has to offer.

The Western Province Expo

The Western Province Tourism, Trade and lnvestment Expo is an opportunity for the different districts within Zambia’s largest province to showcase the work being done on the ground. The aim is to display work that is helping to further develop the region and country at large.

These projects do not only benefit the local communities living here but help to promote regional trade through the exporting of Zambian products to neighbouring countries such as Angola, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

The expo is designed to promote opportunities for investment to spur economic development, encourage local innovation and manufacturing and assist the province in achieving sustainable development and inclusive growth.

What’s On Display

Some of the projects on display at the Simalaha stand is the human-powered treadle pump. This pump is capable of lifting water from a depth of seven metres. This allows farmers to utilise nearby water sources, such as pans and wells, during the dry season. Without the need to carry water in buckets over large distances, farmers are saving time and labour-intensive work.

There is also the biodegradable Groasis WaterBoxxes which has a 90% tree survival rate. This is of great value when used in drought-prone regions. By planting various fruit trees, people gain regular access to nutritious food.

There is also honey on display which was harvested by trained beekeepers and sold at local markets. Thus far, 211 beehives have been distributed to farmers in the community and 215 people have been trained in beekeeping to help communities to promote the sustainable harvesting of honey.

A Beacon Of Community-Led Conservation

Throughout the day, there is much singing and dancing, showcasing the talents found within the Simalaha Community. Here people have taken ownership of what nature provides, responsibly using what they need while conserving enough for future generations. Peace Parks Foundation is proud to be working alongside the Simalaha community, helping to facilitate these projects and play a part in further developing this diverse and beautiful province.