After many months of blood, sweat and tears, the moment that the Peace Parks Foundation Communications Team has been waiting for has finally arrived – the 2021 Annual Review has been delivered! Okay, so we might have exaggerated a little bit with the whole ‘blood, sweat and tears’ line, but we can guarantee you that a lot of late nights, caffeine overdoses and relentless screen time was taken on by Communications Manager Lise-Marie Greeff-Villet and the team, to get these annual reviews looking as impressive as they do.

It’s not a typical day in the office at Peace Parks Foundation’s Stellenbosch HQ. The communications team has put their day-to-day tasks aside and will spend their time unboxing, arranging and packaging the annual reviews. After months of meticulous planning surrounding the look, feel, and design of them, the moment of truth has arrived, and the team will soon get their first glimpse of the review in person.

The Annual Review Arrives

Armed with her trusty spoon, Lise-Marie does the honour of opening the first box, which leaves the room echoing with ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ – a true reflection of how hard Lise-Marie and other members of the Peace Parks team have worked. Prepared with coffee, snacks and a list of packing instructions, the crew swiftly gets to work in preparing around 800 annual reviews for their respective journeys across the globe.

The main purpose of the annual review is to reflect on the organisation’s endeavours, challenges and, of course, accomplishments during the previous year. It is incredibly important to communicate to our partners, loyal donors and supporters, who all play a pivotal role in Peace Parks’ successes. Without them we wouldn’t be able to accomplish all that we have done.

For those who would like to have a read-through of Peace Parks Foundation’s 2021 Annual Review, you can access the digital version online here or can request a copy of the hard version here.