Hyena and wild dogs are both hunters and scavengers. Not the kind to pass up a tasty carcass, even if it has been killed by a leopard. This hungry pack of hyena must have chased the unlucky leopard away but now they are being challenged by another predator, wild dogs, who want a piece of the action.

The hyena have a higher chance of winning this fight as they have much larger teeth and large jaws. And, though often associated with their ability as scavengers, hyena are skilled hunters that can take down wildebeest or antelope.

As you can see, wild dog and hyena are usually in stiff competition with each other for food and territory so it is highly unusual to see them lounging around under the tree, side by side. Nature does have a way of surprising us!

Witnessing scenes like these is difficult out in the bush, not least because the national parks are vast: Limpopo National Park is a staggering million ha. With few roads and vast landscapes it can be difficult, if not impossible to find the wildlife, let alone come across them in action. This is where trackers come into play. Expert trackers have the skill and knowledge to recognise, interpret and follow animal signs. They therefore play a significant role in ecotourism, as it is the wildlife that attracts many tourists. An expert tracker will notice animals vocalisations and their intensity, including hyena calls and any distress calls from prey. They will notice markings left in the sand and how vegetation has been disturbed. This all helps the tracker to form a mental picture of what lies ahead, so they can not only lead tourists to the wildlife, but can also captivate them with stories of what the animals have been up to, based on their reading of the landscape.

Well-trained trackers also form a vital part of anti-poaching teams as they can follow human tracks as well, leading rangers in pursuit of suspected poachers.

Expert trackers can bring the vast wilds of Africa to life, privileging tourists with incredible scenes like these wild dog and hyena in action.