This year’s Wildlife Ranger Challenge saw 187 teams take part in this gruelling race – 21 kilometres, running in full kit with 22 kg backpacks. No mean feat under an African sun! The incentive: to raise funds for the brave men and women who man the conservation frontline in Africa.

Peace Parks Foundation staff and supporters around the world supported the rangers by clocking up their own runs, walks and cycles on the same day.

In all, eight ranger teams from seven conservation areas where Peace Parks is operational, participated, with fantastic results.

The early birds, Team Vwaza, represented by rangers Maxson Msukwa, Symon Sichinga, Medson Kamanga and Joseph Dezi, completed the race in 3h 34m.

Rangers Raphael Mwila, Beauty Likonge, Nasilimwe Mutukwa and Mukwakwa Mukwakwa, representing Team Sioma, took 3h 33m.

Team Nyika’s finishing time was 3h 05m. Well done to Joel Kumwenda, Kondwani Gowen, Joel Kawonga and Symon Moy.

Team Maputo get the thumbs up for finishing in only 2h 53m. Go Ernesto Mulungo, Jose de Albuquerque, Crimildo Alberto and Henriques Cumbe!

Team Zinave beat the heat and made a great time of only 2h 47m. Big congrats to Obed Nhachale, Wilson Mucuho, Goncalves Ulave and Gildo Mabote.  

There were two teams from Limpopo National Park. Team LNP-A managed the race in just under three hours, with a time of 2h 56m. A big hand to Ananias Ndzove, Bernardo Bila, Eduardo Taunde and Geremias Nhamuchua.

Team LNP-B shaved off a few more minutes, with a time of 2h 56m.  Calvin Goosen, Jossefa Maluleque, Valdimiro Causar and Fernando Macondzo.

Team Banhine started late in the afternoon and ended their race in the dark, but clocked up an excellent time of 2h 27m. Looks like Augusto Chirindza, Edson Chauque, Merton Tluvane and Samuel Mandlaze were the fastest runners for Peace Parks! They crossed the finishing line exhausted but elated.

Peace Parks is immensely proud of the eight ranger teams who participated in the 21 km race and sends congratulations to all the ranger teams across Africa for this amazing effort.

They are also blown away by the kindness of their supporters and so thankful to everyone who has donated to our ranger teams. If you would like to help these brave men and women to continue the critical work they do, your smallest gift could make the world of difference to them. Visit their Just Giving pages to make your contribution:

Maputo Special Reserve

Zinave National Park

Limpopo National Park

Banhine National Park

Sioma Ngwezi National Park

Nyika National Park

Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve

Anything you give will be make double the impact, as, once again, The Sheinberg Relief Fund has very kindly pledged to match your donation.

Funds raised will help finance the operational needs of many rangers, enabling them to provide for their families, protect communities and wildlife in some of the continent’s most vulnerable areas, as the impact of COVID-19 continues.

All of the parks are supported by and managed in partnership with Peace Parks Foundation and the various conservation authorities in the three countries, including the Department of National Parks and Wildlife in Zambia, Department of National Parks and Wildlife in Malawi and National Administration for Conservation Areas in Mozambique, as vital components of transfrontier conservation areas within the southern African landscape.

You can read more about this initiative here: