Arguably one of the most iconic trees in Africa, the baobab’s distinctive large silhouette and chaotic looking branches are often a familiar and somewhat comforting sight for those who have spent time in the African bush. Known as the ‘Tree of Life’, the baobab is deciduous and when mature, grows tall with a broad and bulky trunk. We can think of no better place to watch the sun sink from the African sky than halfway up a giant baobab, and in Zinave National Park, this dreamy scenario has become a reality.

Bernard van Lente, Peace Parks Foundation’s Project Manager in Zinave, gives us a brief run-down of what visitors can expect at a new viewing deck built around a baobab tree. With a busy waterhole situated just a short distance away, being up high amongst the tree canopy will allow visitors to scan the horizon for any wildlife making their way down to drink. The deck is planned to wrap around the tree’s trunk, providing sweeping vistas in every direction.

Hannes van Wyk, Peace Parks’ Aviation Manager and Chief Pilot Instructor, shows us just how popular this spot is for the feathered and four-legged locals. Although a place to quench their thirst, many animals such as warthogs will spend time wallowing in the water packing themselves with mud, before finding a well-positioned log or stump to use as a rubbing post.

Ticks and other parasites that live on the warthogs will get stuck in the drying mud and as they repeatedly scratch against the logs, the mud and the trapped parasites get removed.  

Since the signing of a long-term co-management agreement between Peace Parks Foundation and the Mozambique Government, successful rewilding efforts have seen Zinave’s wildlife populations significantly increase, which you can read more about here. With tourism infrastructure development in full swing, we are certain that the lucky visitors who get to experience this unique park and its new viewing deck will be ticking a lot of species off of their list.

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